Witch's Walk Haunted Corn Maze

Walk Our Haunted Corn Maze - If You Dare!!

What is the Witch’s Walk Haunted Corn Maze?
The Witch’s Walk is over three quarters of a mile of fenced paths through a field of corn.  There are ghosts and ghouls wondering around the cemetery, the swamp, the snake pit, and maybe around that dark corner ahead.  If you finally find your way out of the corn you still have the “Wood Maze” ahead and maybe another surprise in between.  For those of you that have dared walk the walk before, we invite you back to try your luck. Our corn maze is almost a mile in length and the degree of difficulty has increased again this year. Come see if you can make your way to the end without help.

Where are you located?
You'll find our location on our homepage as well as a link to a map.

When are you open?
The haunted maze is open from dark until 11 PM on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The non-haunted daytime (yes, we said daytime) maze is open from noon to 3 PM on Saturdays and noon to 4 PM on Sundays.

What age group do you recommend?
We recommend ages 10 and over for the haunted evening maze.  We have had younger children that have had a great time, but you know your children. If they are afraid of the dark or if they do not understand that the dark clad spooks that jump out are not real, then maybe the evening haunt is not for them.

For youngsters under 10, the faint of heart, or anyone that would like to come and have fun navigating the maze during the daylight, we also will be opening the maze during the day. Come walk the maze during the afternoon before the ghosts, ghouls, and spooks come out. The maze will be open on Saturday afternoons from 12 noon to 3 PM and Sunday afternoons from noon until 4 PM.

Is there food available?
Yes, we have snack foods on site at the gift shop.

Are you scary?
We sure hope so. Although we do not have blood and gore around every corner and no occult themes, we have had plenty of scared and screaming customers.

Where can you get tickets and how much does it cost?
Tickets can be purchase on-site or online.  Be sure to take Screamella’s survey and be rewarded with coupons.  For those of you that need to use your credit card, please take advantage of our online tickets. We do not take credit cards or debit cards on site. You'll see a link to order tickets online on our homepage.

The haunted evenings are $10.00 per person. Tickets purchased at one time for groups of 15 to 49 are $7.00 per person. Tickets purchased at one time for groups of 50 and over are $6.50 per person.

Daytime maze is $5.00 per person.  E-mail Screamella for group rates.  Sorry no coupons available for daytime maze.

Is the maze wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we are wheelchair accessible.  All paths are 36 to 48 inches wide and ramps are available as needed.  Please be aware that the maze is an actual farm field therefore the paths are dirt.  If you are in a wheelchair please bring a friend in case you need a little assistance.

Is your attraction open if it rains?
Be aware that we only close if absolutely necessary. If the mud gets to the point of swallowing customers and staff, we may find it necessary to close.

What is not allowed in the Maze?
Please no cameras, cell phones, pagers, weapons of any kind, lighters, matches, cigarettes, flashlights, pets, or alcoholic beverages.  Items lost in the maze may never be found. We are not able to turn on lights to look for lost items at night.

Can the spooks touch you?
The ghosts, ghouls, and spooks are not allowed to touch you if you behave yourself.  Be good, have fun, get scared, and keep your hands to yourself and you will be allowed to leave with your body intact (hopefully).

What should I wear?
Depending on the weather comfortable loose clothing - jeans, pants or shorts are appropriate. We recommend tennis shoes or other flat shoes be worn.  Ladies please DO NOT wear high heel shoes. The corn maze has dirt paths that have been smoothed out, but weather conditions may make these paths uneven and/or muddy.




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